How Running Has Affected My Health for the Better

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Running is the most exhilarating, exhausting, and beautiful exercise that I have ever tried. Studies have shown that running in combination of diet and running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Running is a rigorous cardiovascular exercise. It allows the person to burn at least 100 calories per mile. What is really cool about running is that everyone can do it. All you need are a pair of sneakers, some wonderful playlist, and the courage to lace up your shoes and just…go.

So how does running affect your health?

Running helps you combat heart disease. It prevents high blood pressure. Being active helps boost the high density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol, and decreases the bad cholesterol. It also prevents cardiovascular diseases. Running helps you manage your illnesses, like depression. As part of my recovery and coping with depression, my doctors all recommended running or walking to release pent up anger and sadness. It really helps. Every little bit counts.

And, what can I say about the beautiful endorphins that kick in after a run? It’s refreshing and relaxing. You may feel better about yourself and your appearance regularly. Your confidence and self-esteem will skyrocket too.

Regular running will also improve your muscle strength and endurance. Running can also help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and increase your cardiovascular system’s efficiency. It also helps your heart and lung work better. And this gives you more energy and stamina to do daily chores. Going up the stairs, carrying the groceries, and folding laundry: all these things become easier to do because of running.

Running is a beautiful way to maintain customized fat loss. You burn calories. The more intense the run, the more calories you burn.  There is a study comparing fat burning in running and walking to cycling, and fat burning was 28% higher than cycling.

i heart runningYou do not need to set aside a lot of time for your running to get weight loss benefits. Running also helps you fall asleep faster and deeper.

You will get equally fit running on a treadmill or outdoors, from my experience. Treadmills give you some privacy and help you take breaks without people staring at you. There is also the beauty of changing inclinations on a treadmill.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, running does not wear or tear joints. It is gentle (if done correctly) on your joint and thus does not cause osteoarthritis. Running gives you a leg up (pun totally intended) against stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. it lowers blood pressure, and boosts immunity to viruses.

So run! Run and laugh with a forgiving sense of humor. It takes a lot of courage to lace your sneakers and then approach that treadmill or the ground outside. So, do yourself a favor, and pat yourself on the back for putting in the effort to try. And that is really what makes running so different from other work out regimens, I think? I think that is what makes it so beautiful. It is a liberating, freeing, and just exhilarating.

For someone with a foot injury, I can assure you that running is worthwhile. It helps your health, it helps your skin, and it helps your emotions. It helps you feel good and feel in control of your body, of your life, in a world where little control can be felt by anyone. It gives you a time to mull through things and realize how you feel about stuff happening in your life. You get to daydream if you want to, even!